Sunday, 29 January 2012


Whilst reading the METRO this week, I came across a fantastic article written about an environmentally friendly cooking device- the Wonderbag. Wonderbag is an insulated bag that people can cook many different dishes in. Simply bring your food to the boil on the hob as usual and then instead of reducing the heat and slow cooking; turn off the hob, place in the Wonderbag and leave it to cook away, energy free!
The Wonderbag is constructed using recycled polystyrene to insulate the food which gives the recycled plastic a new lease of life rather than going into landfill. The bag was originally designed to be sold in Africa, over 150,000 have already been sold in South Africa, but there has been a rising demand for the product in the UK.
It look's to us like a brilliant idea; it conserves energy, can be a vital tool for people in developing countries and can be used by everyone. A fantastic step towards a greener future!

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