Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Procrastination and People Tree

First of all, an apology. I know it's been very quiet over here of late but it has all been down to the invisible chain that has magically attached itself between me and my desk. Essays and exams are plaguing my summer and getting right in the way of regular blogging- but have no fear; they are nearly done and after completing two of my essays, I have found the time to begin some much needed procrastination... So here is the first procrastination post!

I was delighted to finally see People Tree's Autumn Collection hit their online store. I have been waiting to see it up for sale since last November when I got my first glimpse of the collection. Now it's been a bloomin' long time since November but straight away I saw the outfits that had grabbed me so much back then and more besides...

The Georgina Shirt Dress in black and white gingham was the one that really had me head over heals all the way back in November. The material is so soft it feels almost like felt and lovely and thick for winter wearing. It also looks great with an open collar and with the waist tie in a loose bow at the front. 

The Orla Kiely Cream Owl Dress you may recognise from previous collections. I have the exact shape in a green teacup design from last winter that was also by Orla Kiely and it's probably my favorite dress ever! The shape is just so easy to wear and the stiffness in the material helps it to keep its voluminous shape wash after wash. And who doesn't love those cute little owls?

Finally, the Michelle Wrap Print Dress- I hadn't noticed this one first time around but I couldn't fail to spot it in the promotional video of the photo shoot for this collection. The shape is one of their classic jersey wrap arounds but the print harks back to a best seller from a summer or two ago which I still absolutely love!

Also, how great is the photography this season? Feels like a real step forward to me. It's got an artsy independent feel that maintains real professionalism. And the sixties vibe with the liquid eyeliner and beehives is very cool...

So, these are my favorites from the collection- which ones are yours?

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