Monday, 29 October 2012

Ethical Fashion for Men?

One of my most frequently asked questions is "Where is all the ethical fashion for men?". Well boys, I'm here to tell you, it is on it's way! The bigger ethical fashion brands are starting to work harder on their men's collections- and so they should! I have a lot of male friends who are interested in ethical fashion and I know for a fact that most of them spend more money on clothes than I do. The men's fashion market is a big one and it needs to be broken by the ethical brands.

Ok, so first of all we've got People Tree- we can tell its an emerging market for them as they have quite a limited collection at the moment but I like the direction they're headed. I like the simple shirts and long sleeve tee's they have going on- simple is a good place to start in men's fashion, I think the tailoring is really important to enhance a mans physique. I can't guarantee these tee's look great on but on the site they are looking pretty darn good. There are a few questionable efforts here too (see the dodgy eagle and wolf prints) that aren't all to my taste but they do have some great, casual comfortable looking pieces that I would be very happy to see on my boyfriend.

* I am especially loving this fairisle knit- every man should have one!

Next up we have Komodo, again only a dinky collection here too. Now I said People Tree had a couple of tees that were a little too wacky for my taste but I think Komodo may have played it a little too safe... Don't get me wrong, what they have is great but a man doesn't need ten long sleeved grey tops- a little more variation in the next collection would definitely get me a bit more excited! Having said that, we do have some winners here- the Ringo jumper looks incredibly shnuggly- I love the rolled neck. I only wish I could check out how soft these are in real life though because they look like they are going to feel divine- I need to find out!!


Men- I want to know what you are thinking! Are these styles to your taste? Do you want more variation? Do you think you have enough choice in the ethical fashion market? I really think this area needs more discussion so watch out for some more posts on men's fashion coming soon and let me know your thoughts! 

Pictures left to right top down: Buddy blue jumper, Harley blue top, Gregg cream fairisle jumper, Ringo jumper, Smith jacket, Charlie organic cotton tee


  1. Great post! And great to see Men's ethical clothing catching up.
    Most menswear at the moment is based on loud colours and classic cuts. There are a lot of Cords around at the moment for example.
    For ethical brands to take off they should be just as bold with patterns and styles. If they can do this then the combination with the novelty factor of 'green clothing' could be lucrative for the industry.

  2. Your styles are look good. The trends and styles in clothing keep changing and they can't be consistent because if they become consistent or constant, they wouldn't be reckoned as trends or fashion and become a routine instead.