Monday, 5 November 2012

Caipora Jewellery

I was recently made aware of this incredible ethical jewellery brand- Caipora- which was the 2011 Innovation Award Ethical Fashion Forum winner:

“With today’s resources being depleted faster than most people can realise, I’ve chosen to work with designers who use natural, recycled and eco-friendly materials, as well as to support the development of artisanal communities and to maintain the values they share with Caipora – a passion for people and the environment.”

The jewellery is both incredibly beautiful and ethical so of course I am in love with it! The designs are incredibly unique and varied within the brand due to their range of designers. The brand splits its designs into four categories- air, earth, fire and water. It turns out I am a earth and fire kinda gal...

These beautiful necklaces are in the fire collection and are made out of ethically produced PVC rubber- such an innovative material!

Designed using up-cycled paper, these pieces are handcrafted and utilise locally sourced materials.The leather on the bracelet is also recycled and all of the lengths are adjustable. I just think they are absolutely stunning! Big statement pieces really pull out fits together and this brand have gone to every length to make sure these pieces are ethical. Not only are the materials used ethically sourced but local artisans in Brazil create the beautiful jewellery for this collection. Love love love! Someone buy me some pleeeaase!

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