Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Veleco Ethical Cyclewear

Happy New Year everyone!

To bring in the new year we have a brand which will no doubt help to inspire those health and fitness New Year resolutions. It's about this point in January that we are still raring to go but give it week or two and you start to hit a wall... That rain doesn't look like it's going to be that refreshing to run in...no...it just looks cold.

But just wait to you see Veleco's fancy new collection of cycle wear! Now you will have to be restrained from leaping onto the nearest bicycle and fulfilling all those promises you made to yourself on December 31st! Veleco has just released the worlds first ethical cycle wear collection. The company uses Fair Trade, recycled and organic materials as well as a whole host of other ethical inputs which you can check out here!

 I was invited to Veleco's launch party in December where I got to see all of their collection first hand along with some delicious wine and nibbles. It was one of those events where you just wanted to talk to everyone there because they all looked so effortlessly cool... The entertainment for the evening was an incredible musician- a percussionist who played a drum kit that was constructed out of a bike! It was called the Puncture Kit and was a delight to watch someone so talented and passionate about music (and cycling!). 

 I was very impressed with the line, especially the soft shell water resistant jacket. I definitely struggle to find ethical clothes that are practicle for outdoors but Veleco have cracked it with that piece. I was assured that the jacket is VERY water resistant and hopefully it will soon be coming in more colours- I'm rooting for green... I would love to see some more water resistant items in their line as I feel that the ethical market is definitely lacking in that area whereas organic and fair trade cotton is readily available for the production of tee-shirts. 

Also, very happy that Veleco are catering for both men and women. I brought the boyfriend along with me and he was very interested in the collection too- more ethical brands for men is always good! All in all, very impressed with the line and also very impressed with the incredibly friendly and passionate team of people behind the brand- thank you for a wonderful evening! More waterproof goodies please Veleco! It's always bucketing it down in Blighty!

What do you think of Veleco's collection? Do you want to see more ethical sportwear? Always want to know you thoughts!

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