Sunday, 20 May 2012

Good News!!

Good news is nice, so I thought I would share some with you today. One Green Dress has been picked by Komodo Fashion as one of their Top Ten Fashion Blogs! I think this is a huge acheivement especially considering that they weren't looking for ethical fashion blogs, but were instead trying to pick just ten blogs from the sea of fashion blogs that swamp the internet.

This is also rather a personal honour as Komodo are one of my favourite ethical fashion brands. I have known about Komodo for a while now but only recently developed such a respect  for their company. In February of this year, I attended Pure London Trade Show and saw Komodo's coming Autumn/Winter collection. Needless to say, I was incredibly inmpressed.

Komodo have evolved from a company selling young and flimsy garments, with a rather hippy edge, that may have screamed ethical a little too much; to a sophisticated, contemporary and sleek look thats screams nothing but quality. What I was so impressed with, seeing the clothes up close and personal, was not only their new grown up and thouroughly modern designs, but the quality of the fabrics used in the garments.

Komodo have gone beyond the norm of ethical fashion brands who just use organic cotton and have instead been working with new eco-fabrics to add a huge variety of texture to their garments. When I saw the collection, I was so impressed with the variety of textures and Tencel in particular. Tencel is a thick, heavy fabric that feels a lot like suede and adds a grown up feel of quality to any garment that uses it. It's so unique that it really grabs your attention! I was also extremely impressed by Komodo's use of embroidery to add texture and depth to their clothes. Komodo is truly a forward thinking, innovative and beautiful ethical fashion label!

All images from Komodo

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