Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Vivienne VS Climate Change

Vivienne Westwood; punk, fashion designer, icon and environmental campaigner. Just a few of the many achievements under Dame Vivienne Westwood's very fashionable belt. Never one to sit still, Westwood has begun yet another campaign using her power and influence in the fashion world to support important green and political issues. This time she has joined forces with the Environmental Justice Foundation creating a line of organic cotton tee shirts with a carbon footprint 90% lower than your average top.

Westwood says: " support of the Environmental Justice Foundation’s (EJF) ‘No Place Like Home’ campaign for climate refugees. The t-shirts I designed, seen in the show, support the campaign to raise awareness of the plight of people who have been forced from their homes and land due to the increasing and intensifying impact of climate change. This can happen through violent calamity, but also and often people are forced into a decision to move because their land is no longer habitable. EJF believes that climate change is one of the most profound threats to people’s rights to life, food, health, water and shelter. Unlike the 10 million refugees recognized by the UN Refugee Agency, these people currently have no legal status or protection. EJF is calling for urgent international action to provide them with legal recognition, assistance and protection." 

The Video below shows a short introduction to what EJF does; please go to their website here and take a further look, especially at the articles about cotton consumption. Awareness of these issues are so important and the articles help to explain why choosing ethical and organic fashion is so important to our world. EJF is a great cause and these t-shirts are a great way to get behind them!

Pictures: Vivienne and co. can be found here, t-shirt design can be found here


  1. Love, love, love Vivienne Westwood. She makes a great call to action!

  2. Vivienne Westwood the true facts her clothes made in china, with workers on very low wage, She avoids paying tax, and threw out of green party. she makes a living from stealing other company ideas and she a bully who treats interns like slaves she not a campaigner for good but vile woman.