Wednesday, 1 February 2012

People Tree

People Tree is one of the most well known Fair Trade fashion brands in the UK today and has been creating beautiful garments for more than 10 years.  Peopletree is accredited by a long list of reputable sources including 'World Fair Trade Organisation', the 'Fairtrade Foundation' and the 'Soil Association' so you know that you are getting a genuine piece of Green Fashion.
People Tree support small scale artisans by designing garments that require hand manufacturing. You will find that their clothes are often hand knitted, hand woven or hand embroidered so that People Tree can employ people instead of machines. Creating their garments by hand results in the added advantage of reducing their carbon footprint by not using electricity. This further benefits the people that create these clothes as manufacturing does not have to take place in cities but can take place in any rural location. Knowing that a piece from the People Tree collection has been created by hand, with a lot of care and time put in, makes each piece feel really unique and special.

My most recent purchases have been a combination from their new Spring Preview collection and from their January Sale. The 'Isabella Pink Crop Cardigan' feels incredible to the touch and looks great with a high-waisted dress- just like the two I bought in the sale! People Tree is an inspiration and we hope they keep on producing beautiful clothes and sticking to their Green principles for many years to come!

Pictures from People Tree


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