Wednesday, 15 February 2012

This little piggy went to market

Meet my new friend! I bought him yesterday after weeks of deliberating whether I could muster the courage to buy myself (a grown woman) a cuddly toy. Well after a fair amount of persuasion from both my inner child and the lovely shop assistant, we came to the conclusion that as the little piggy was in the 'homewares' section, I was actually buying myself a decoration for my house- not a cuddly toy. I repeat, this piggy is for purely decorative purposes and not for cuddling. I'm not sure I have convinced you...
These knitted animals have to be the most adorable childrens toys around- they are lovely and soft and so incredibly unique- each one is different as they are hand made. I love how textured they are and I love that you can see how much work has gone into each one. Unlike most modern knits, the separate parts (eg. feet and ears) aren't attached by sewing machine, they are properly knitted together resulting a truly hand knitted piece that is well made and durable.

This little piggy began in Njoro, Kenya where woolen animals are hand knitted by rural women. "Fleece is purchased from local farmers and sold to Spinners at a subsidised rate. The Spinners then wash and hand-spin the wool using homemade spinning wheels, fashioned from wood and bicycle tire rims. Each week the Spinners sell the transformed fleece to Kenana Knitters, as wool for a profit. It is washed, moth proofed and dried. Some is kept in the original creams, browns and grays of the local sheep. Natural dyes from plants grown in the rural agricultural area are then used to dye the balance of the wool, adding vibrant depth and creating a variety of shades. Finally, the wool is hand-knit into a  unique Kenana Creation"

So now that I have my piggy, I need your help- my piggy needs a name! I have no idea what to call him/her and I would love your thoughts. Please post your ideas in the comment box below and I'll let you know what I decide! 

To find out more about Kenana Knitter Critter's please click here! And post your name idea's below!

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  1. How about 'envy' if he's so green? :P
    Green in Swahili is "kijani".

    May I ask of the eco-friendliness of shipping a toy from Kenya to the UK?
    Good blog x