Monday, 13 February 2012

Three Green Dresses

Shopping for that new and unique Green Fashion garment can take a lot of time and really start to test your patience. You rummage with wild fingers and thumbs through rail after rail of second hand clothes; keeping your eyes peeled for that elusive dress/ blouse/ pair of shoes that you know is out there just waiting to be found, just out of sight, just beyond your reach... And just to make things that extra bit tricky, each vintage/charity/second hand boutique files away these mystical items using completely different systems! Some of them co-ordinate by size- you zoop to the rail where surely you will find 'it' but then you are gripped by doubt... What if it has been misplaced? What if that ultimate piece that I am seeking comes up a size larger in that make than normal? What if it comes up a size smaller? The hunt continues... Some boutiques choose aesthetics over functionality and order their clothes by colour- why? Why, I ask you, do they think this pleases the weary women who are seeking 'The One'? Now we have to extend our quest to every single rail in the bloomin' shop!

Well my friends, nay- my comrades- I have found the answer. I have found the answer to all of our struggles; the answer to our tired eyes, our weary bones and our fatigued little feet.

And here it is-

Oxfam has gone (pause for dramatic affect) ... online.

That's right! You heard me! Online! And not only that, but you can use their search engine in a whole multitude of ways to narrow down the selection to find exactly what you want! If you are after a dress specifically and you don't want to be blinded by checkered shirts and mini-skirts, then you can search by which type of garment you require. If you aren't willing to compromise on the fit, then you can just search for the size of your choice. If you want a fifties high waisted dress and don't want to have any eighties shoulder pads glaring at you through your computer screen then you can search by decade. If you only want to look at the high end designer clothes then you can search by brand. If you don't want to spend a fortune then you can search for items under £20. If you only want to look at brand new clothes with the tags still on then you can search by condition. And if you want a seventies, floral print, size 16 dress, in a used but good condition by Linzi- then you can search for just that...

Here are our top picks from within the Green Dress category- because everyone needs One Green Dress in their lives!

Brand New With Tags, Mori Lee, Size 16, Emerald Green Dress, £80.00
Click here to see more information and purchase

Vintage 1960's, Size 18 Green Black and Gold Dress, £24.99
Click here to see more information and purchase

Vintage 1980's, Dellwood, Size 10, Emerald Green and Gold Evening Dress, £45.00
Click here to see more information and purchase

Check out the Oxfam Shop for yourself here and see what gems you can find!
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