Friday, 17 February 2012

Pure London Fashion Trade Show

This Valentines Day I was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 'Pure London' Fashion Trade Show. The show showcases the upcoming Autumn/Winter Collections for an absolute multitude of fashion brands. Included in this vast array of beautiful garments were some truly inspiring ethical fashion companies. It was my mission to seek these ethical brands out and see what they had in store for the next season...

My first stop was People Tree where I had the pleasure of seeing their Autumn/Winter collection for a second time. I had already seen the collection a few months ago at their London Headquarters but this second viewing allowed me to take notice of which were the really stand out pieces in the collection. I don't want to give too much away so I will just tell you this- I was immediately drawn to the vibrant colours in both their knitwear and their new dresses. The patterns on key dresses are just exquisite, with fresh, young and bold designs really standing out. I can honestly say that this is the best collection that People Tree have ever produced and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Next, I headed straight over to bibico which was only a few stalls away. I was immediately greeted by Tim, who  was so friendly and welcoming! He ran me through the collection with his colleague piece by piece explaining why each one had made it to the shelf. The colours in the collection reminded me of the English sea in winter time; lots of beautiful greys, wool in its natural state without any dyes and a really relaxed feel encompassed the collection. I also spotted a few cashmere bits which are new to bibico and some green woolen jumpers really caught my eye. I can't wait to see this collection hit the rails!

Next stop was Nancy Dee; I had been looking forward to this one after seeing a sneaky preview of their photo shoot for this collection, and I was not disappointed! Nancy Dee know what they are good at and they know what works so this collection was a real showcase of the best of Nancy Dee's classic designs. The dress from the photoshoot really caught my eye; a little fitted black number with trim on the hips to accentuate those feminine curves. One of the prints that I really loved was a dusky orange colour with beautiful intricate black butterflies scattered all over it. Tamsin and her husband were so excited about the collection with Tamsin wearing one of the beautiful designs herself- it's so good to see such enthusiasm from right at the top!


Visit the websites for Pure London, People Tree, bibico and Nancy Dee
For more photos of the Nancy Dee photo shoot, click here!
What do you think of the new collections?

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  1. Great selection of photos here. I hadn't heard about Bibico until you mentioned them recently (not sure where my head has been...) I love their range.