Tuesday, 21 February 2012

She Died Of Beauty

I'm always on the look out for new ethical brands and this new find is a particularly exciting one! Erin O'Conner- supermodel and generally huge name in fashion- has collaborated with her friend Kate Halfpenny- a designer and stylist who graduated from Central St. Martins University who has a whole host of achievements under her belt.

They have created a range of T-shirts and bags each with a slogan on that plays on their brand name 'She Died of Beauty'. The whole collection is ethically sourced and organic which of course is fantastic but what is particularly good is that it is by no means the focus of their products. The advertising focus's on the style, the witty slogans and the designers. The fact that the Tee's are ethical is merely an afterthought which I think is the right way to go about sustainable fashion. By not plugging it's sustainability and ethical soundness, it becomes the norm; no longer a novelty purchase but instead something to be constantly expected.

I can't wait to wear one of these! Their bold statements are sure to raise a few eyebrows and invite some questions about the Tee's origins. I think that anyone can wear them as the white T-shirt is probably one of the most versatile items of fashion there is. Will you be buying any of the 'She Died of Beauty' range?
The Tee's have already been spotted on a few celebrities too- it's always good to see people with the power of influence supporting Green Fashion!

Pictures from CocoPerez, Five Five Fabulous, Zimbio. Check out 'She Died of Beauty' here!

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